Here goes……

I retired January 1, 2016 and devoted myself to living a healthy and bold life. At the encouragement of my grown children I’m fulfilling my bucket list. All of it. Travel is a cornerstone of this endeavor.

My life partner died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest in November of 2016. Taking life support from one you love, even though it is what they wanted, is a sobering act. Life changed in a big way which included my coming to the realization that you have to grasp each day and go for it. I’m fortunate to have a wonderful family and friends. I’m thankful.

Having the means to do this is a blessing. I’m frugal so it helps to be able to travel and do more. I’ve learned that using airbnbs can save a lot of money and so far the places have been awesome. I also learned that airlines run specials and you can have alerts for price changes. This led to a two week stay in Norway and Iceland for air and rooms at less than $1300.

So….. This is the beginning…. My next trip is February 3 on a 5-6 month trip RVing across the country. I plan to blog my trip on this site. I may also posts some about my past trips to Norway, Iceland, New England, and the like. Hope you find it informative and that it gets you motivated to see the world. You can.

More later.

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