Lord I was born a Rambling Gal…….

Our ramblings started at 7:34 AM, Sunday February 3rd. We pulled out of Myrtle Beach heading to Macon Georgia 350 miles away. It was a beautiful day for traveling. Warm and overcast and very little traffic.

Travel companion, Ray Bittner. Rig, Cedar Creek 37 foot glamper, complete with washer/dryer, stainless appliances and fireplace. Truck is Silverado 2500 HD. Yes, we are roughing it.

We arrived in Macon at 2:45 PM and dropped the RV at Al Sihah Shrine RV Park ($20/night). We wanted to see the Allman Brothers Museum and it would only be open on this day of our stay.

We headed to the Big House. It did not disappoint and the visit took me tripping down memory lane.

A little background: I met Greg Allman, Butch Trucks and Dickie Betts through a mutual friend in the 70s, when I was a young and inexperienced woman. We all hung out over a period of months and were invited down to the farm on a few occasions. The band was talented and the members seemed troubled and sad, in my recollection.

Back to the Big House. It is full of wonderful memorabilia including Duane Allman’s gold Gibson valued at $1 million. They also have Duane’s Corricedin bottle that he used to play slide on that guitar.

Gregg Allman’s organ is there.

This is the reading/listening/hookah room that was much used.

The letters on the table were written by band members while on the road. Interesting to see what they were thinking while away from their loved ones.

One photo I really liked was of President Jimmy Carter wearing the band’s tee shirt. The band did fundraising for him during his presidential campaign.

I don’t intend to lose!

Stained glass entry to the Big House, beautiful!

This walk down memory lane reminded me that I have lived and continue to live an adventurous and big life full of experiences that I would not change. These experiences have made me who I am today and I like who I am, where I’ve been and where I am going.

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