San Antonio – Briscoe Western Art Museum and Riverwalk!

Part 2

Next up, Briscoe Western Art Museum. Senior tickets are $8, what a bargain! Prepare to spend a few hours there to take it all in. Three floors of art, statuary and historic items. Having been a horse person in my past I was interested in the large array of saddles and related items, and the artwork. This museum allows photos as long as the flash is off. Yay!

Instead of expounding on the exhibits and the feelings in my soul caused by some of the artistry, I’ll just post some pictures. This museum is a must see if you get to San Antonio!

The following 4 are from Caitlin’s North American Indian Portfolio. George Caitlin traveled and lived with the Great Plains Indians from 1832-1837 and created some magnificent paintings.

Cimmerian Whispers (My Favorite)

You can lose yourself in the Briscoe. The pictures do not do justice to the talent that is exhibited here. GO!

Now for The Riverwalk! I had mixed emotions traveling down the Riverwalk area. Tom and I were planning a holiday trip to San Antonio and we were talking about it when he went into cardiac arrest. Two years and four months later, here I was. It was just as wonderful as we had imagined. I sat on a bench quietly for a while in memory of one so dear. It was not as much a melancholy moment as it was a remembrance moment, full of gratitude.

The Riverwalk is such a great place with many beautiful areas and it is also a peaceful place. We felt safe everywhere we walked. Pictures follow.

During the Riverwalk stroll we stopped to see the old village of La Villita, almost 300 years old and on the National Registry of Historic Places. Today it is a cultural arts hub that covers one city block.

By the end of the day we had walked a little over 6 miles. It was a good day and we both suffered from sensory overload. We headed back to RV park as we were leaving for Del Rio, Texas the next morning. Another leg of the “Grand Tour” completed. Stay tuned, more to come!

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