Del Rio, Texas Febrary 20-21

We arose early and motored towards Del Rio (population 36,000) at 7:30 AM. Del Rio was a “one nighter” to breakup the distance to Terlingua, Texas. Little did we know what fun awaited us. We arrived at Buzzard Roost Campground ($21/day – cash only) around noon. Set up was quick and easy. Boy, I love those auto levelers and those modern bells and whistles that make RV setup a breeze! Off on a caper!

Heading to the historic downtown area we discovered that there was a local museum. The Whitehead Museum is a little eclectic gem that we are so happy to have stumbled upon. Seniors, anyone over 50, pay a $6 admission. Well worth it!

We saw the grave of Judge Roy Bean and a replica of his saloon/court house. There were Native American artifacts and other treasures. The history of Del Rio and the barrios, particularly the San Felipe Barrio, was quite interesting and we did visit the barrio, across the river from Mexico. All in all we had some laughs and a large time. It’s all in your mindset. Pictures below.

We enjoyed learning about the legendary Judge Roy Bean 1825-1903. He was a Justice of the Peace and Saloon Keeper. He held court at the saloon, The Jersey Lilly, which he named after Lilly Langtry – his obsession. The saloon was on the Rio Grande River, in the Chihuahua Desert. He often said that he was “The Law West of the Pecos.” He often fined people the exact amount of money they were carrying and the fine included buying a round of drinks for every man in the saloon, even the judge. He was a colorful character.

Afterwards we went to a local restaurant for dinner, Don Marcelina Restaurant. It was OK but I wouldn’t recommend it. There are others to try. It didn’t detract from our enjoyment of the area.

We went back to the RV to relax and get ready for an early start on our way to Terlingua, Texas (Big Bend) the next morning. More to come.

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