Terlingua, Texas at Big Bend National Park – Feb. 21-24

We arrived in Terlingua, Texas, population 80/household income $87,949, early afternoon on the 21st. We parked the RV at Big Bend Resort and Adventure RV – $35.10/night through Good Sams. Terlingua is just outside the boundaries of the Big Bend National Park. 800,000 acres of wilderness and desert. The park borders Mexico at the Rio Grande. It is awe inspiringly beautiful.

200 million years ago the area was under an inland sea, which has left a rich fossil record. 35 million years ago volcanoes formed the mountains of rock, limestone and ash. The current landscape was formed by wind and flash floods on the mountainous terrain. The area is rich in fossils and human record.

While there we averaged hiking 5.5 to 6.4 miles a day. Carrying water with you is a must. All areas are in a wilderness, desert area and the temperatures were from the mid 70s to 80s. The area averages 10 inches of rain a year. There are a lot of dry creek beds that are subject to flooding if it rains at all.

Luckily, Big Bend was beginning it’s spring bloom and colorful. The elevations ranged from 1800 to 8000 feet of breathtaking vistas. The different light during the day causes the mountains and valleys to take on different looks. No place ever looks the same based on clouds or the change in light from sunrise to sunset. I am not exaggerating when I say that some of the panoramas brought tears to my eyes due to the shear beauty of it all.

The area is also rich in wildlife: mountain lions, javelinas, coyotes, deer (darker than on the east coast), rattlesnakes,Mexican bears, and many species of birds. There were were multiple warnings about staying safe in an encounter. Heed these warnings.

Big Bend is one of my new favorite areas. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Please enjoy.

Each year, during day of the dead all graves are “remembered.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day_of_the_Dead

This is just a glimpse of the beauty. I’m now marking it from my bucket list. I do want to go again. Wonderful experience. Now on to our next adventure!

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