It’s the Grand Canyon, South Rim March 16-20

The Grand Canyon Trailer Village is inside the Grand Canyon National Park near the South Rim. We paid $53.38/night as a Good Sams Member. On the drive to the Canyon it started getting colder and there was snow on the ground in many places. We were really excited to be on this adventure. We made a stop in Williams, Arizona on the way up and had an excellent, spicy meal at El Corral on Route 66. I highly recommend stopping in Williams to poke around and have a meal at El Corral.

One of the good things about staying in the park is the the free shuttle service. You can hop on and hop off and get all around, except for the eastern most point on the rim at the Desert View Watchtower. We spent our time there hiking/exploring the south rim and taking a trip out to the Desert View Watchtower. We average 5 to 6 miles a day hiking in different areas. So beautiful.

We saw a lot of wildlife on our outings. Elk, Deer, and various birds were in plentiful supply. There were mountain cat crossings and warnings while out in the wilderness. The geology, views, sunsets and almost hourly change of light and clouds over the Canyon were all spectacular.

I am very fortunate to be on this adventure. The places are wonderful as are the people we have met. The interactions with people have enhanced this travel experience. We have met folks from all over the USA, China, Spain, Japan, Ireland, Germany, and others and the thing in common is a love for this country. It’s an experience to be valued.

The best way to share the Grand Canyon is in pictures, though the pictures cannot capture the real beauty and awe of the place. Please enjoy.

Sunset at center of South Rim on the 17th. Hanging out on some rock outcroppings.

The following were taken on our way out to and of the Desert View Watchtower on the eastern most point on the South Rim. We encountered a herd of about 20 elk and were able to get close (safely).

We stopped by Tusayan Pueblo/Ruins on the way to the Watchtower. The ruins date to 1100 CE. The Tusayans are ancestors of the Hopi Tribes.

Views between Tusayan and Desert View Watchtower.

Desert View Watchtower, designed by Mary Colter in the late 1920s and opened in 1932. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. Mary was ahead of her time and has designed architecture all around the south west. The interior artwork was created by Hopi artisans. It stands 70 feet tall and has a 100 mile panoramic view of the Painted Desert.

On the way back to the RV.

Headed to Hermit’s Rest, the far west point of the South Rim. Hermits rest was built in 1914 and was designed by Mary Colter and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was a place of respite after a long trail.

This happened in the evening after we returned to the RV. Elk traveling through. I was sitting at the picnic table about 8 feet away.

This concludes our Grand Canyon adventure for now. We plan to be on the North Rim in about 2 months when they open. Too much snow at the moment and the North Rim is closed. Stay tuned for our next adventure: Mesa Verde/Mancos, Colorado. You’ll be glad you did!

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