The Beauty of the Pacific Coast Scenic Highway or 3 Nights in Chinook (Oregon)

We were sad to leave Crescent City, California but we enjoyed the Pacific Coast Scenic byway, highway 101, from there to Lincoln City, Oregon. Beautiful. We stayed at the Chinook Bend RV Resort, $25.10/night with Passport America. We had planned to stay two nights but the Def System in the truck went wonky and we had to stay for repairs. That was okay as we enjoyed the area very much. The RV Resort was directly on the Siletz River and a three mile boat ride to the Pacific Ocean. We enjoyed our stay there.

Exploring the local area was fun, the weather was a little cool and damp but the scenery was fantastic. We went on a caper in Depoe Bay the first day, population less than 1400 and directly on the Pacific Ocean on Highway 101. Depoe Bay was named after Charles “Charley” Depot, a Siletz Indian (originally the Tututni, a historic Native American Tribe) who owned the land by allotment in the 1894 Dawes Act of 1887. The Dawes Act allotted land to Native Americans who wanted to live off the reservation and it allowed those allotted these lands to become American Citizens. The Dawes Act also attempted to remove the Native Americans from their reservations in order to give their land to white settlers. Deviousness.

Depoe Bay is also home of the world’s smallest harbor and is 3365 miles from Boston. The bay is also frequented by whales that can be seen from the sidewalks. It is also prone to have tsunamis and the town has experienced 21 tsunamis from 1854 to 2008, with a major tsunami in 2011 that destroyed the harbor.

We ate some excellent seafood meals while in town, which was expected due to the location and the number of longstanding good restaurants. The following pictures do not do the area justice. It’s a place to go and experience for yourself. Just watch out for the tsunamis and the whales.

We spent a little time in Lincoln City and at at the famous Mo’s Restaurant, right on the water. It was established in 1946 and has the best clam chowder that I’ve ever eaten. The seafood was fresh and tasty, the staff was wonderful. We also spent some time at the campground because of truck problems but that was okay as the area was beautiful. They have a board at the river house where they record catches. One Chinook was posted as 69 lbs. and many posts were 30 to 50 lbs. I’m sure that would be good eating!

I hope you have enjoyed this adventure. It is my pleasure to share these experiences with you. Coming up: The National Buffalo Range. Awesome!

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