After the Fall -Alzheimer’s in the Family

Yesterday was a quiet day. Mom claimed she wasn’t sore after the fall on Friday but when she moved she made ouchie bsounds. No broken bones. She wasn’t very talkative yesterday and just retreated into her puzzle books.

We had planned to go to church this morning and she seemed to want to go. When she came out of her room this morning in her pajamas, I knew it was a no go. She’s been sleeping in her chair most of today, it’s 3 PM now. She tells me she feels bad but can’t express how and doesn’t respond when I ask her about it.

She has eaten four mouthfuls of food today and when she came to the table she was very unstable on her feet and appeared to be dizzy. No falls today though so that’s good. We never know how the day will go until we experience it. It can change in minutes, hours or days.

Oh, I forgot to report that Mom took her CPAP machine apart during the night on Friday. Can’t attempt to use it until replacement parts come in. Maybe we’ll just quit using it. Not worth the anxiety.

Alzheimer’s facts: 5.5 million people in the US have the disease with 3 million new cases each year in the USA. 44 million have the disease world wide; it most often affects women (they live longer); no cure; meds may or may not slow progression (not working for mom); annual cost of memory care is $127,000 to $158,000.

This disease takes a toll on health, wellbeing, finances and the family. It’s devastating to the person suffering from the disease.

We’re taking it one day at a time. Doing the best that we can. Tomorrow is another day.

More later!

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