Memory Care – Alzheimer’s in the Family

Mom went into memory care nine days ago. Things went so well that I didn’t wait the recommended ten days to visit. I went yesterday, eight days since admission. I had been getting updates from the unit manager about how well things were going.

Mom has been making new friends, participating in activities, and has been very cooperative with her care givers. Each of the staff told me how sweet Miss Joyce is. Mom tells me the staff is very nice and the place is very clean, and has really good food. She says that she feels safe there. In conversation it came out that, although she didn’t want to leave her home, she wasn’t feeling safe there.

Mom is helping residents who are further along in their dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease. I believe this gives her purpose and makes her happy. She now admits to having Alzheimer’s but says her mind is clear as a bell, unlike some residents who have,”lost their minds.” She remarked about how sad that was.

We had the same conversations over and over but mom was engaging with me, something she hasn’t done for many months. She would ask friends what their name was again and then she introduced me as her daughter. One of the ladies looked mom in the eye and said she’s beautiful, then she smiled at me. It was a beautiful experience to be there and interacting with mom and her friends.

There are 28 people in the memory care unit and only four are men. It is a quiet place and the caregivers are kind and have much needed patience with the residents. Mom already has favorites in the unit, both residents and staff. She thanked me for placing her in a very nice facility. I really cannot ask for more.

We will continue to visit and I encourage her friends and family to visit when they can. There is a faith book in her room that you can sign and write a note. It will help her know that you came when she doesn’t remember. If anyone would like to send her something, she goes through word find books rapidly. They can be found at the dollar store. Just write her name on it. She received a card from Mary and it was the first thing she showed me. Thanks Mary, it means a lot.

That’s it for now. We appreciate all the support and we’ll wishes. More later!

One thought on “Memory Care – Alzheimer’s in the Family

  1. A wonderful report and an answer to prayer. She looked so happy and so did you. This is just another indication that you did the right thing. Hope to see her soon. Lots of love.


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