Good Times – Alzheimer’s in the Family

Mom continues to do well in memory care. The memory therapy is helping her to somewhat maintain where she is and that is a blessing. She still has good memory days and bad but she is so much happier and more engaged. The following pictures are a picture of her before going to memory care and a current picture in memory care. The difference is astounding.

Mom is engaged in exercise and activities everyday. While at home she would go a few days without speaking and would show no interest in any activity. I couldn’t even get her out of the house. At memory care she has made friends and has even gone on outings. She went to a Valentines social at UNCW and I understand that she was the belle of the ball. She danced and had a great time and as she said, “I didn’t bring a man home with me. I don’t need no man.” She evidently danced with other women.

I had written that the facility brought in a piano for mom. As of yesterday she has not played it. Staff is still working with her so I know that one of these days I’ll visit and she will play for me again. She has been coloring again and making beautiful pictures. She asked me to get one framed, saying it’s her favorite. There is night and day difference since she went into memory care.

Mom has had several visitors and we are grateful for that. Thank you to all who are signing and dating her book. It helps her remember her visitors. She received several Valentines cards and a teddy bear. Jeremi and the girls brought her a balloon and a bouquet of flowers. Mom grinned from ear to ear when we went through the cards. She likes to be remembered.

We are still trying to identify who brought her the throws, including the beautifully embroidered one. If you know who brought them to her, please let me know. It would also be nice to know who brought her the new teddy bear. I will write the names and the gift in her book so she can remember.

Some of you know that my dear cousin and lifelong friend, Charles, died unexpectedly. We have chosen not to tell mom as it would set her back. I do ask that those of you who visit, please do not tell her. It will cause her to grieve over and over and will most likely set her back and she may not recover. That’s the nature of Alzheimer’s disease. Please honor this with her. Thank you.

The Alzheimer’s journey is a long one. I am so grateful to have the good memories with mom now. Every time we visit she hugs me and tells me she loves me. These are special times with her. She has gone from existing to having a real life now. She is happy and so well cared for by an excellent staff. While I coordinate her care and take care of her business, I have become her daughter again.

I’ve also been able to concentrate on my health and getting better. I was diagnosed with left branch bundle block. It was evidently caused by heart failure as my heart is functioning at 30%. They are still performing test to see why this is happening as it was sudden onset. At least mom is in a safe place while we address my new health issues and no matter what happens to me, she is safe and will have continuing care. What a relief.

As always, more later.

2 thoughts on “Good Times – Alzheimer’s in the Family

  1. W hat an encouraging report. She looks so good and happy. Hope to see her again soon. Are you doing anything for her birthday? Let us know. Love, hugs and prayers to you both.


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