Pandemic – Alzheimer’s in the Family

This is my first blog since February 18. A lot has transpired since then. Mom celebrated her 84th birthday on February 27th and family and friends were there to help her celebrate. She received many cards, bouquets of flowers, and gifts. She received many word find and coloring books and a few books to read. Alas, she can no longer read books as she can’t follow the story and has to start over each time she picks the book up.

Amos and mom
Glenda and mom
Mom with Glenda’s family

We appreciate everyone who made Mom’s birthday a beautiful time for her.

On March 10, Dayspring started protective methods for visits to the facility and by the 14th all visits were suspended due to the COVID 19 virus. I am happy that they acted early to protect mom and the other residents. They put in protocols for staff and residents in an effort to prevent an outbreak and so far it has been working.

Pre Pandemic

I speak with Dayspring management and staff weekly for reports and updates. I also call and they put mom on the phone a couple of times a week. They help mom with the phone as she doesn’t remember how to use it.

Mom seems to be doing well and she tells me that she is in lockdown several times in each conversation. She says they take very good care of her and that she is happy there. We are fortunate to have found this wonderful facility.

One word of advice: don’t phone mom during bingo. If she’s winning she’ll be a little short and want to get off the phone to get back to her game. She loves bingo.

Pre pandemic

Just before Easter I received a phone call from the activities director at Dayspring. Mom had participated in an Easter art project and she wanted permission to post it on the social media page. I gave permission. She then went on to say that mom had asked her that morning if she was tired. When she responded that she was tired, mom said, “Sit down and rest, I’ll take care if things.” Mom then rounded up several of the women, sat them down and started reading the newspaper to them. She kept them occupied for a while by reading the front page over and over. It didn’t matter because they are in the memory care unit and just like mom, each time she read it, it was all new to them. It was a sweet story.

I love you to the moon and back.

Life during lockdown and stay at home orders is very difficult and necessary to protect life and our loved ones. I’m still struggling with heart issues with an EF function of 30% and a wildly ranging blood pressure of 79/40 to 130/79. When it’s low I get dizzy and almost black out. Meds are being adjusted and changed trying to stabilize me and help my heart pump until I can have the next procedure. This will not happen unless COVID restrictions are released or I am taken in through the ER. Today doctors ruled out any problems with my lungs. It is a waiting game.

At the hospital today.

I’m not used to living life with so many restrictions due to both health and the pandemic. I do know that all this will eventually pass. I’ll be glad when it does. I miss my family and friends tremendously.

As always, more later.

2 thoughts on “Pandemic – Alzheimer’s in the Family

  1. Thanks for the report. So happy Dayspring was proactive. Hope you get some answers soon. Lots of love, hugs and prayers😊


  2. Hang in there my friend! Take care of yourself as your Mom is getting the best care possible! Thoughts and prayers to keep your faith and stay strong.


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