The Week After-Alzheimer’s in the Family

It’s ten days post operations and I’m doing well. All the bandages have been removed and the incisions are healing nicely.

Physically and mentally I’ve been feeling so much better. It’s amazing and I’m grateful. I had my wound/post operation check with Doctor Goeble on Wednesday and they are amazed by my progress. They still think I’m on track to be a super responder. He released me to drive. Yay. I have driven once but I have to wrap the seatbelt to keep it off the ICD site. It works though.

I should be getting the COVID 19 antigen test soon. It will be good to know if this was the virus that damaged my heart back in January.

ICD site day 2

I’ve started walking a bit and no longer have dizziness, black outs, shortness of breath and a myriad of other symptoms. It’s wonderful. As of July 13th most restrictions will be lifted. I look forward to being able to lift my left arm above my shoulder, among other things.

Washing my hair and putting it in a ponytail without lifting my left elbow above my shoulder has been a challenge. I can do that easily now after some trial and error.

Hair up and incision site almost scarless day 10

As I start life 3.0 I’m feeling blessed and happy to know that I can enjoy a more normal life. On June 2nd the voltage is being adjusted for the ICD. Sometimes it jolts my diaphragm in back to back pulses for a minute or two. It can be uncomfortable but I do know it’s working. Looking forward to that adjustment though.

Mom is still doing well at Dayspring. They are still on lockdown but we talk by phone often. She continues to be happy there and tells me they are family. I look forward to the day that we can share a big old hug. Soon I hope.

Mom before lockdown. I miss her.

As always, more later.

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